Gran Sasso


Magical scenery, powerful moments , blend into the Middle Ages  

  • the lovely panoramic-Piazza di Civitella di Tronto and the narrowest alley of Italy
  • fragrances and discoveries in medical herb gardens
  • unique scenery in the “Calanchi”
  • superb cycles of frescoes in the cathedral of Atri
  • the most famous architectural monument of Abbruzzo: The abbey of San Clemente a Casauria
  • a goldsmith workshop like in the Middle Ages
  • Campo Imperatore: “field of the Emperor” where Terence Hill and Bud Spencer were sitting around the campfire
  • the prison of Mussolini and a magic view of the Gran Sasso
  • take pictures of lyrical scenes in Santo Stefano di Sessanio
  • spendid frescoes in Bonimaco
  • visit a shepherd in the popular mountain village of Scanno
  • Pacentro: the Manhatten of the Middle Ages
  • colourful almond sweets in Sulmona
  • the Trabocchi coast: peculiar stake contructions used for fishing

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